Sustainable burger wanted, desperately

Food-Tech startups are finding two ways to provide meat to billions of people without screwing up the planet: by imitating and by replicating nature. Either way, there’s no cow involved.

A Vegan and a Meat-Eater Walk Into a Restaurant and Order a Burger…. (No, Seriously)

Does your pizza chef have a metallic look these days?

Not much happened in the world of pizza over the past, well, 200 years or so. Until now. The looks and the taste will remain the same, the way it’s made however, not so much.

From Naples to Mars and Back: the Future of Pizza is Here

Not-intermittent fasting

Is it possible to go a whole year without eating a single morsel of food? If you are morbidly obese, receiving regular supplementation and constant medical supervision, yes, you can.

A year without food

Two thorny food questions finally answered

Decaf coffee is more gentle on our nervous system, but often it’s crap. If you ever wondered why, here’s the answer.

Why is decaf coffee sometimes okay, and other times it tastes like crap?

Should you put tomatoes in the fridge or not? Someone looked into it and, like any respectable food-related question, the answer is: it depends.

Forget Tomayto/Tomahto: The Real Debate Is, Should It Be Refrigerated?

Fast food is bad, not evil

The old idea goes as follows: poor families = cheap food = fast-food restaurants = obesity.

Not so fast, and not so simple. Low-income people are those who suffer the most from obesity, but fast-food restaurants are not where they take in most of their excess calories.

The Myth That Links Poor Families to Fast Food

Hidden calories = empty calories

Manufacturers of processed foods must specify the amount of sugar on the label. So what’s a poor food corporation to do, to sell a few more sodas and donuts? Disguising sugar with different names, adding it where you’d least expect it, and other creatives solutions.

8 Ways Food Companies Hide the Sugar Content of Foods

On the other hand, booze producers don’t have that problem: they always managed to be exempt from indicating calories on bottles. But now you can know.

The hidden calories in your booze, explained in 3 charts