There’s no such thing as a free lunch. And there’s no such thing as cheap food either, in spite of its prices constantly falling.

Higher yields in agriculture seem to make both producers and consumers happy, but something or someone will be taking the toll, in the form of pollution or unfair treatment to food workers.

In the food we buy, there are hidden costs that don’t end up on the receipt, and consumers are waking up to all of these issues. If it all seems overwhelming it’s because we’re just at the beginning and there’s still a lot to do.

The True Cost of Food

How to cook a salmonella-free omelet

Should the eggs you find on the shelf at the supermarket be stored in the fridge instead? That depends on where you are: in the US they must be kept in the fridge, in the EU it’s OK for the store to leave them out.

That’s not because we Europeans have a more casual attitude towards salmonella, though.

Should You Refrigerate Eggs?

I’ll make myself a steak for dinner

Is the creation of sophisticated plates by Michelin-starred avant-garde cooks the best way to use 3-D food printing technology? Not quite. Making 3-D meat for example, would be  something with more far-reaching implications, many of which are still not clear.

Making a steak out of a 3-D printer is not possible yet, but someday will be. In the meantime, this article asks a few interesting questions: Meat of the Matter: 3-D ‘Meat’ May Become What’s for Dinner

Boys will be boys, especially when we eat

Somewhere in the primal corners of our brains, we males are hard-wired to eat more when women are present, as a demonstration of strength and virility.

The funny thing is though, women are not that impressed by overeaters, maybe because they tend to eat less in the presence of other men, and of other people in general.

Men Think That Eating A Disgusting Amount Of Food Impresses People