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My articles have appeared on Food Quality & Safety, Quality & Assurance Magazine, FCSI (Foodservice Consultants Society International) Magazine, The National Provisioner, The World of Food Ingredients, ARGS (Airline Routes and Ground Services), Aliworld,,, Lab Manager, New Food Magazine.

Selected samples below.

Intelligent Curiosity

Interview with award-winning pastry chef Leonardo Di Carlo for Aliworld Magazine.

A Sustainable Bargain

Interview with Too  Good To Go’s CEO Mette Lykke for FCSI Magazine

cultivated meat profitable

Will lab-grown meat ever be tasty and profitable?

Technical challenges and unit economics are still huge challenges for the sector. Published on

In-flight Food Safety

Airline caterers’ understanding of best practice to prevent food-related illnesses has changed over the years but the need for constant vigilance remains as vital as ever. ARGS – Airline Routes and Ground Services.

Who drives food innovation now?

Is technology an idol or a monster? Food innovators don’t see it as a binary choice. Futurex Network.

Ultralow Cold Storage and the COVID-19 Vaccine Supply Chain

Article for Lab Manager about how ultralow freezers will be a critical part of successful inoculation campaigns for some time.

Reformulating with less or no sugar in the clean label era

This article for NewFood Magazine explores the challenges of reducing sugar content in formulations in the clean label era.

New Report Highlights Possible Saturation of Plant-Based Meat Market

Article for about the challenges of plant-based meat in the UK market.

Fancy Trying Cultivated Meat? Here’s Where to Find It

Although cultivated meat is not widely available yet, there are two cities where you can try it right now, one where you won’t have to wait too long, and another one with a 9-year waiting list. Published on

Impossible Foods, GMOs and the FDA: The 3 Questions Behind a Storm in a Teacup

Old post on my blog about Impossible Food’s controversial GMO heme. 

Detecting Pathongens In Dairy

Detecting Pathogens in Dairy can be difficult due to their complex matrices. Food Quality & Safety

We have been delighted with the standard of Andrea’s work this year. He’s super reliable and diligent, always meets the brief and hits deadlines – and he writes really well. Couldn’t ask for more! It’s great we’ve got such a safe pair of hands for the Foodservice Consultant and Aliworld magazines.

Michael Jones

Editorial Director of Foodservice Consultant magazine, Progressive Content

Great job on this piece, Andrea! Nice and clear laying out the situation, the problem, the challenges, and available solutions. Loved the concrete case study you added to the article and how you analysed it with the help of an expert. 10/10.

Missy Green

Editor, The World of Food Ingredients - CNS Media B.V.

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