The search for a sugar substitute that does less damage to people’s health and gives the same feelings is in full swing, but food technologists are finding out it’s not an easy task. The thing is: sugar is bad, but it’s also a chemical masterpiece.

Right now, stevia seems to have an edge on everything else, says FoodDive:

Why stevia appears to be winning the race to replace sugar

But is it really the best thing after sugar or simply the best we’ve found so far? Stevia’s problem is a persisting bitter after taste, and getting rid of it is turning out to be more complex than expected, so the jury is still out:

The Hunt for the Perfect Sugar

Less than double could be more doable

By 2050, we’ll have to double our food production to be able to feed everyone. At least that is what we hear all the time. A recent research study came up with a new estimate, though: yes, food production will have to grow, but pretty much at the same rate we’ve seen so far. Still challenging but probably less scary:

Do we really need to double food production by 2050? Actually … no.

It’s different for ag-tech

There are no unicorns in ag-tech yet. Why? Because ag-tech needs more time and relies on relationships more than your average Silicon Valley, purely technological, enterprise. Here’s an interesting analysis by Venturebeat, on why ag-tech is different:

Why are there no unicorns in AgTech?

Whispering your elevator pitch can be bad for your start-up

Is your start-up based on a “whisper idea”? The answer to that question will decide if it’s bound to thrive or fail. Read why and judge for yourself:

This is Why Your Startup Will Fail

In case your one-pager starts to feel too tight

Many start-ups have single-page websites, and that makes perfect sense: they cannot do without one, but they’re neck-deep in other priorities, so one simple page generally does the trick.

At some point, however, the question of “should I have something more structured?” presents itself. If that’s where you are now, here’s an article that can help you:

Single Page Websites: Are They Good or Bad for SEO?