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Impossible Foods makes meat-tasting hamburgers that don’t kill animals, can feed more people and help save the planet. Who would dare not love them? GMO opponents are who. Here’s a recap of what happened (from my blog):
Impossible Foods, GMOs and the FDA: The 3 Questions Behind a Storm in a Teacup

Food-tech casualties
Self-check outs have been around for a while. They’re hardly a novelty and the trend is to make more of them and to make them more sophisticated. And there’s a segment of the food marketing that’s really suffering: gums and candies, the kings and queens of impulsive buys.
The online groceries trend is coming at a vulnerable time for gum and candy companies

So, what’s new in coffee? 
A couple of food recalls in the US recently shed a new unsettling light on two words that American consumers may take for granted: proprietary blend.
Coffee with a Viagra-like ingredient was just recalled, and it reveals a bigger problem

Food from energy
Put food waste in a biomass plant and eventually you get electricity. But what about the other way round? Apparently, that’s possible too.
A Team of Scientists Just Made Food From Electricity — and it Could be the Solution to World Hunger

Three for the founders
Why foodpreneurs should think like techies #1 – Blog Crowdfooding
Why Successful Start-ups Stumble at 40+ Employees
21 Things I Wish Someone Told Me as a Young Founder