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I’m a B2B writer working with companies in the food sector. My clients come from different specialisations but often have two things in common: their products and services are new, complex, or expensive, and they use content as a marketing tool to generate contacts and sales leads.

For them, articles, white papers, case studies, etc. are something they publish not because everyone else is doing it, but because it allows them to build a solid business case with prospective buyers.

Effective writing takes time though (plus, it doesn’t always come easy), and it can be difficult for marketing managers and business owners to find internal resources for that.

If that’s what you’re struggling with, that’s where I come in.

As a B2B writer, I can bring specific experience in the industry, an all-round professional approach, and clear and effective writing even with the most complex topics.

If that’s what you appreciate in a freelance writer and you need help with your lead generation content, go ahead and get in touch with me directlyread more about my background, or check samples of my work.

Why me

Right after university, my first job was in Sales & Marketing with an IT corporation. What I really wanted though, was to be a language teacher.

When I finally became one, I did it for four years and loved it, but then the lack of any chance of a decent career brought me back to the previous company, this time in Operations.

Slowly but surely, the desire to become a freelance writer started to grow in me, until a few years later, I waved goodbye to my cubicle and took the leap.

When that happened, I thought my work experience until then had nothing to do with freelance writing. Luckily for me, I was wrong.

Whether you’re teaching a foreign language to adult students, or navigating through complicated corporate policies, the most important thing you learn is to understand who you’re talking to and how to communicate effectively to them.

Thanks to that, I can take complex topics, go the extra mile to understand them and translate them into clear, well-structured writing.

I have worked with businesses of all sizes, from start-ups all the way up to large enterprises. My areas of expertise in the food B2B industry include:

  • food safety
  • foodservice
  • food regulations and trends
  • agtech
  • software for manufacturers and growers
  • ingredients

Ready to discuss your content marketing needs? Get in touch with me, or go ahead and check some of my client testimonials or writing samples.

Clients and testimonials

"Andrea has proved to be extremely reliable, professional in his approach and an exceptional researcher. I would thoroughly recommend his writing services, particularly if you require content aimed at the food technology industry."

Andrea was incredibly accessible and communicative – you’d never know we were operating in different time zones. He took the time to understand our needs and concerns and craft content to fit our market.

He asked the key questions we needed to put together engaging press releases that could generate inbound press coverage and improve our positioning on the web. We definitely saw increased press response following our work with him.

I would definitely recommend him to any company in the food tech space looking to improve their PR or content strategy. He is a great person to work with and you always feel like you’re his priority, regardless of how big or small the project might be.

Chris Flynn-Rozanski

Co-founder, Plasma Nutrition

Andrea’s grasp of the technical language involved in the food technology industry has been a real asset to our content generation team. Having a writer on call that both understands the nature of the product and the associated industry, and communicate the intended message in a clear understandable way makes the whole process more manageable on our side.

Andrea has proved to be extremely reliable, professional in his approach and an exceptional researcher. I would thoroughly recommend his writing services, particularly if you require content aimed at the food technology industry. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better, more knowledgeable writer.

Jonathan Henchman

Marketing Designer, K International

We engaged with Andrea for a pretty massive project and were held back on our end for a number of reasons. Andrea jumped right in and wrote commandingly as if he had been in the space for years. He was able to make up for the time delays and provide work to us that required very limited revisions. The final project was pretty incredible.

It was a pleasure working with him. His passion for the industry was clear from the get go and it carried through in the quality of his work. I would absolutely recommend his services to anyone.

Allison Kopf

Founder & CEO, Agrilyst

We have been delighted with the standard of Andrea’s work this year. He’s super reliable and diligent, always meets the brief and hit deadlines – and he writes really well.

Couldn’t ask for more! It’s great we’ve got such a safe pair of hands for the Foodservice Consultant and Aliworld magazines.

Michael Jones

Editorial Director of Foodservice Consultant magazine, Progressive Content

At the beginning I wasn’t sure how well Andrea would know the ingredient market. The business we are in is quite complex and, to be honest, it’s not easy to find someone who’s an expert in this area.

On the contrary, Andrea showed a good understanding of the brief and delivered well-written articles with supporting figures and trends, and was able to inject the type of light humour we were looking for for our audience. Additionally, he turned out to be approachable, easy to work with and reactive with follow-ups.

I would definitely recommend him for any other B2B writing in our sector.

Nathalie Michaud Luzecki

Marketing Manager, Purextract (a DRT division)

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